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All of our open positions are listed below. If you don't see anything that suits please feel free to send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we'll let you know if anything suitable comes up.


About us

Established in 2009, SourceDogg is a company founded on a simple fact. The potential benefits of eSourcing are enormous – but won’t be realised if offerings don’t address the user’s overriding need for simplicity, affordability and transparency.

Based in the UK and Ireland, SourceDogg tackles the problem head on. Our unique blend of cloud software products and value-adding services meet procurement needs with unparalleled speed, ease and cost-effectiveness.

Our powerful combination of visionary innovation and real-world effectiveness is reflected in the multiple software, business and procurement awards we’ve already won (including the Supply Chain Innovation Award and the Supply Chain Technology Award).

We continue to grow and to welcome more private and public sector organisations on board as valued customers. Since 2011, we’ve been part of the Nucleus VP Group, accelerating our expansion and widening our international reach. The certification of all our processes to ISO 9001:2008 underlines our fundamental commitment to delivering world-class quality in everything we do.

With a team headed by Chief Executive Officer Alan Phelan, SourceDogg is a company focused on the present but with an eye to the future. 

SourceDogg is an equal opportunities employer.

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