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Frequently asked questions

Can I try your software?

Of course! We offer a 14 day free trial to any customer who signs up (No credit card required). The trial is there to help you discover the software and determine if it suits your hiring needs.

What does the number of jobs open mean?

This means the number of jobs that are published at any one time so candidates can apply for these positions. You can close or delete openings that you are not currently hiring for.

What additional costs/fees are involved?

None, you only pay the monthly subscriptions fee! It's that straightforward.

What happens when my Free Trial is over?

You are sent a reminder email when your trial is ending. If you wish to continue using the software just choose a plan and start your hiring.

I would like to switch plans, is this possible?

Of course, you are free to switch between plans as you wish. When you change your plans, your next invoice will be prorated depending on the number of days you used each plan.

Can our team have training?

Yes, we are happy to provide a screenshare to walk you through the system. We try to make the system as easy to use as possible so you should have no problem navigating around.

I need to do a lot of hiring, I will need 20 openings. Is this possible?

Sure, just contact us at and we can set you up on custom plans

Is my data secure?

All your data is hosted on Windows Azure Cloud platform and all data is backed up on a daily basis.