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We'd love to hear from you

All of our open positions are listed below. If you don't see anything that suits please feel free to send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we'll let you know if anything suitable comes up.


About us

Inbound Marketing Indonesia is a pioneer in providing inbound marketing services for businesses in Indonesia. We have the technologies and qualified resources to help your company maximize the ROI of marketing efforts.

We are marketers, designers, social media enthusiasts and web experts. We work as a team on client projects and take pride in delivering results for our inbound marketing customers.

Inbound Marketing Indonesia was founded in 2009. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been working on a wide variety of client projects.

Why working with us

  • We’re a full services inbound marketing agency since 2009
  • Experienced and expert team in all aspects of inbound marketing
  • We understand today’s most effective marketing strategies and focus on that
  • We’re friendly ;)

Read more about inbound marketing on our blog.


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